I value relationship above all other aspects of life. Not only does putting people first help me be more effective and sustainable in life, it has helped me create a strong social structure around me that supports me. When you are out there in the deep end looking for aspects that are broken and hurting you really need that support.

The most important relationship in my life is my beautiful wife, Whitney. She has an equal passion for seeing justice and opportunity for everyone. She has expressed that passion in pursuit of better healthcare for women. She has started and run a birth center in an underserved community that became one of the biggest freestanding birth centers in the US. She has personally created beautiful birth stories for over 500 mothers through midwifery. She is currently enrolled at Johns Hopkins to pursue a 2nd masters in global public health.

Have a look at our instagram account to see how well she loves me.

Whitney is audacious and adventurous and we’ve travelled around the planet a few times.

Which brings me to…


I was born into a family that believed the world is small and borders are arbitrary. Growing up in South Africa afforded me the opportunity to experience scores of different cultures and ways of living.

I travelled from very young – learned to speak English for the first time when I went to kindergarten in Hawaii. I spent many extended periods living abroad.

On one short trip to the United States I met Whitney and it was so easy for me to believe that I could immigrate there to be with her. I got my US citizenship in 2013

I believe that you should travel enough to remind you of your context. I’ve been in way too many meetings where people how have spent their entire lives in white middle class society in the midwest falsely think they understand people and proceed to make dreadful choices.

Whitney and I have committed to taking international trips every year. So far we have been to a new continent every year.

The things I learn when travelling add to the toolbox of experiences I draw from to be creative.


I am extrovert and social. Hospitality comes naturally to me and we’ve leveraged that to create community around us. For the last year we’ve been engaged in an audacious endeavour to have hundreds of people come eat in our relatively small apartment.

Read about that here: How we created community around a table.