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My curiosity has given him the opportunity to plunge into many strange projects. My inventive drive has inspired me to try to make each of those opportunities better. Once I figure out a great new way to do something, I love to share that with others. I’ve had the opportunity to do that at a software and design training company I ran, as a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, Central University of Technology and other private design schools in South Africa, at design conferences, internally at companies I’ve worked for (like FIFA), and with clients in industries ranging from Media through Banking, CPG and Medical. Through Moonshot Lab, I taught at least once a week to colleagues on subjects ranging from 3D printing and VR to ideation and innovation. I helped develop a training programme that won a Project Isaac Award for best practices. I’ve adapted workshops for a company’s Bring Your Child to Work day.

I presented at Gas Can (Kansas City’s creative conference). At Barkley I designed and presented many courses from culture to experience design. I presented a workshop at the Weapons of Mass Creation design conference in Cleveland. I also developed and presented a workshop at SXSW on innovation and ethnography.

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